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Hi, I am Annie.

I live in the beautiful leafy suburb of  Newlands, Cape Town under the shadow of Table Mountain. My days typically begin with a walk in my garden, contemplating my creative inspiration for the day, always under the watchful eye of Becca, my gorgeous Birman kitty.

Illustration was my final year major while studying Graphic Design at Stellenbosch University. I went on to work in advertising and design after graduation and in 1990 started Moag Bailie, a packaging design agency.

The slowing down of life during the lockdown in 2019 gave me the opportunity to sort through my studio and in the process I rediscovered my watercolour materials. It took a while for me to summon up enough courage  to take up painting with a renewed sense of curiosity and play after so many years of being product focused and digitally orientated as my team and I created packaging design for industry leaders and smaller startups.

I have so loved the shift to working by hand with tangible textural materials, absorbent velvety watercolour paper, exquisite pigments and sable brushes.

Such a lovely element of surprise as a puddle of watercolour dries.

Annie Moag portrait
Contemporary whimsical watercolour illustrations painted in the leafy Southern Suburbs of Cape Town by Annie Moag